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The Art of Logic in an Illogical World – Eugenia Cheng

Thoughts: This book was an enjoyable read, and I took a lot from it. Cheng argues convincingly that logic and emotions are best used in combination, and lays out ways to leverage the strengths of both. To illustrate her points, Cheng draws on examples from current hot-button issues such as sexism, racism, and social spending. I’d recommend The Art of Logic to anyone who wishes their discussions and disagreements could be more productive.

(The notes below are not a summary of the book, but rather raw notes - whatever I thought, at the time, might be worth remembering.)

Cheng, Eugenia. 2018. The Art of Logic in an Illogical World. Basic Books.

Part I: The Power of Logic

1: Why Logic?

2. What Logic Is

3. The Directionality of Logic

4. Opposites and Falsehoods

5. Blame and Responsibility

6. Relationships

7. How to Be Right

Part II: The Limits of Logic

8: Truth and Humans

9: Paradoxes

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0 0 1
1 1 0

10: Where Logic Can’t Help Us

Part III: Beyond Logic

11: Axioms

12: Fine Lines and Gray Areas

13: Analogies

14: Equivalence

15: Emotions

16: Intelligence and Rationality

Posted: Apr 22, 2021. Last updated: Apr 22, 2021.