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Self-Tracking – Gina Neff and Dawn Nafus

Thoughts: This was an OK book. In addition to laying out many of the forms self-tracking can take, Neff and Nafus outline a range of social and political factors relating to various self-tracking technologies and practices, both now and in the future. Chapter 3 had the most useful information, but I experienced no great epiphanies while reading it.

(The notes below are not a summary of the book, but rather raw notes - whatever I thought, at the time, might be worth remembering.)

Neff, Gina and Dawn Nafus. 2016. Self-Tracking. MIT.

1. An Introduction to Self-Tracking

2. What Is at Stake? The Personal Gets Political

3. Making Sense of Data

Tracking to monitor and evaluate

Practical Considerations when tracking to evaluate

Self-tracking to elicit sensations

Practices for tracking to elicit sensations

Aesthetic curiosity

Practical considerations for aesthetic projects

Debugging a problem

Practical considerations for debugging

Cultivating a habit

Practical considerations for new habits

What makes good self-tracking practice?

Further practical considerations

4. Self-Tracking and the Technology Industry

5. Self-Tracking and Medicine

6. Future Directions for Self-Tracking

Posted: Feb 27, 2021. Last updated: Mar 05, 2021.