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July 28th – Ryan Molloy

I've been listening to Ryan Molloy and Fergal Scahill's album One Day :: November Woods lately, and one waltz composed by Ryan Molloy, July 28th, has jumped out at me. I havent done much analysis of it, but I might draw your attention to the harmonies that go on around the halfway point in each B section – I find the D/A to E/G# to G that Molloy plays around 4:20 to be especially striking.

Transcription of July 28th, first page. Transcription of July 28th, second page. Transcription of July 28th, third page. Transcription of July 28th, fourth page.
Transcription of July 28th. Molloy does not always play complete chords on this track, so many of the chord labels are approximate.

Posted: Jan 21, 2021. Last updated: Jan 21, 2021.