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Installing Drupal

You wouldn't think it would be this complicated to install, but...

I had been working through, and was struggling to create a drupal project on my local machine. I tried following, but was hoping to be able to start a site that wasn’t the quick-start demo site Drupal provides. It took a bit of poking around, googling error messages, and guesswork, but I managed to assemble this set of instructions that reliably allows me to set up a new Drupal project that’s persistent and independent from other projects on my machine. This is on a Mac Mini running Sonoma 14.3.

If you want to start another project, follow the same steps, specifying a different directory for the composer create-project command. To switch back to the first project, navigate to <some-directory>/web and run php core/scripts/drupal server. Changes made on both projects should be independent and persistent.

Posted: May 28, 2024. Last updated: Jun 06, 2024.